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My hair doesn't look that bad, does it? I'm not mad! No! Where's me pint!?
Tim Wheeler
Mark Hamilton
Rick McMurray
Charlotte Hatherley
Ash History

At the age of 12, Tim & Mark formed the band, in Northern Ireland, naming themselves Vietnam. Rick, the drummer, joined the band later, before releasing Jack Names The Planets in 1994 under their own independant record label. At this point they were still doing their A-Levels. Infectious Records heard their work, and quickly snapped them up. Releasing Petrol and Uncle Pat late in 1994 under their new label, they gathered more fans. The mini-album Trailer became an instant indie hit. Ash soon started supporting many bands, including Suede and Elastica. Kung Fu didn't score highly in the chart, despite being acclaimed as a great song. Girl From Mars became the group's first big hit, reaching number 11. Ash continued releasing more singles throughout the year of 1995, and into 1996, with Angel Interceptor, and Goldfinger both reaching high into the charts. Following their singles' successes, they released the album 1977 which shot straight to number one in the UK. The album is titled 1977, this being the year Mark & Tim were born. The album included 5 singles and several other worthy songs including Lose Control and I'd Give You Anything. Unfortunately the album wasn't quite such a hit in America. Their next single Oh Yeah hit number 6 also. Ash took a year's break of releasing singles, only broken by the release of a live recording, Live At The Wireless. This included several live recordings of singles and B-sides. Ash headlined at Glastonbury in 1997, and went on to perform at V97. This featured Charlotte's first appearance in the band, helping with guitar and vocals. The first recording she appeared on was A Life Less Ordinary single. This was the sound track to the film, and proved to be quite popular, peaking at number 10. Again the band released no new material for almost a year, due to various gigs. In September 1998, Jesus Says was the first single released with the new Ash logo, designed by Mark. The new logo appeared to signify a new look and sound to Ash, with the addition of Charlotte, and some experimental DJ mixing on their new material, courtesy of Dick Kurtaine. Their next album, Nu-Clear Sounds, was released soon after. Again, quickly after, Wild Surf was released, a 50's style surf song. Ash played many more gigs, with Numbskull becoming a firm favourite. The band released a limited edition (5000 copies) EP of Numbskull in April 1999. Ash then continued by playing at Glastonbury '99. Ash took a break from touring, to write material for their fourth studio album during the latter period of 1999. Ash's few UK appearances for 2000 included London Astoria on January 31st for the NME Premier Awards. At Astoria, they debuted a few songs that will probably appear on the new album. These were 'Shining Light', 'Walking Barefoot' and 'Singapore Song'. 'Singapore Song' is only a working title, but will make its way to you in some form on the album, or as a b-side. They appeared at the 'Lost Weekend' festival where they took the headline role when NIN cancelled the day before the gig, also previewing 'Candy', an acoustic track from the new album. The first single to come from the new album is Shining Light, which went into the UK top ten. It features a new 'retro look' Ash logo. Ash released their next single, Burn Baby Burn, and their third full album, Free All Angels, soon after.


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